This is a blog by person who is interested in open source electronics, embedded systems and electronics education (along with a bunch of other stuff. Like improv, dancing, rock climbing, creative writing, etc. Had I but one interest, I would dedicate all my time to it. But alas). It is meant to document my progress on various projects, post interesting articles and references to inspire others to learn more about electronics and do it themselves (though, to be honest, this will probably be a repository for myself. Meaning I'll have references and inspiration for myself to use. Whether other people use it is up to them. Either way, I like it). It is meant for everyone, with some posts focusing more towards beginners and others on more advanced topics. I try to explain most of the terminology that I use when I'm talking about technical subjects. If you don't understand something, comment and I'll do my best to explain it (or have to look it up, and then explain it).


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