Programming Pen, 3D Printer, Raise money for Electronics, Sparkfun at NSTA

I came across an article about building a programming pen by Anthony VH. It's a device to aid in programming lots of microcontrollers. It may be useful if I have to make batches of laser tag devices.

There is also a 3D printer company that I should check out if I end up building a 3D printer or needing one for my projects.

I also saw an article in the new york times about a way to raise money for electronics. It's a company called Grant St., which wants to be a one stop shop for new, quirky electronics. I guess they will compete with Think Geek, but they are currently in Beta, so I don't know much more than the article says.

Sparkfun is doing fun stuff too. They're heading to the National Science Teachers Association conference.

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