Lab 8: 7-Segment LED Wiring

You are going to need to take the piezo speaker off of your breadboard in order to complete this lab. We are going to put the seven segment LED on the bottom of the breadboard and connect it to pins 2-9 on the arduino. You will also have to take the infrared sensor out of pin 9. Here is the wiring diagram for the seven segment LED (with all other pieces taken out to make it easier to focus on how to wire the seven segment display, which is sometimes written 7-segment display).


Once we have the 7-segment display wired to the arduino, we are going to need to program the arduino to turn on each of the segments in the 7-segment display in order to display the number that we want it to. There is one more thing that will be helpful to program the 7-segment LED, and that is which segments are controlled by which arduino pins.

Below is a schematic drawing of the 7-segment LED. Each of the triangles with a line and two arrows represents an LED. The direction of the triangle shows which way the electricity can flow.

It's coding time! To sketch 8.

Note: If you want more of a challenge, don't look at the schematic above to program the seven segment LED. Determine what pins control which segments by trial and error.

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