Spreading DIY

I want to help spread the idea that people can understand and build things. Just as Mr. Rogers fought for people's right to control when they watched his show, I also want to throw in my two cents towards helping people understand electronics. Sure, I'm not going to have the impact of Mr. Rogers, but if I can help a single person because of this, then I think I will have succeeded. Other people and companies are trying to spread the understanding of electronics, hacking (hardware hacking. Not hack into credit card database hacking), and DIY (which I find to be thrown around as a general term for doing any building-like think yourself). Here are some of them to follow, learn from and maybe partner with.

Sparkfun has a national tour where they are traveling across the country and teaching arduino classes to introduce people to electronics. Good for them.

Adafruit, as always, is spreading the science. I really like this site and what the people there are doing.

The Hacker Scouts is a non-profit similar to the Boy and Girls Scouts organizations that focus on teaching kids STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math). I'm glad to see that this is a thing for kids to do now.

Note: There are many hacker spaces, a few Maker spaces and other organizations dedicated to spreading knowledge, hacking, DIY, etc. I haven't listed those. It's an arbitrary choice.

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