Mar 15

Bitlash: Arduino interpreter language shell

I love having a shell. When I want to know what a single line of code will do, I don't want to add print statements to code just to see what's going to happen. Bitlash is an arduino interpreter, so you can send individual commands to your arduino. I haven't used it yet, but once I get back into arduino development, it will be on my to learn list. It may be helpful for students to be able to run individual lines of code. Or I'll just have them write extensive test benches to test their code. Maybe both?

Mar 13

Color of light Changes Alertness

NASA has planned an experiment to attempt to help astronauts get sleep on the international space station. According to research, blue light helps wake people up while red light helps people fall asleep. This apparently means that staring at my computer screen before going to bed apparently doesn't help me fall asleep. But it does mean that my alarm clock should be heavy on the blue light to wake me up in the morning, and it could also have RGB LED's that go heavy on the red light as I'm getting ready for bed. That could help mimic the sunrise and sunset and give me a sleep pattern that is either more stable (because it's easier for me to fall asleep and wake up) or that is more easily tuned because I can give my body the necessary light cues to tell it to fall asleep when my work lets me. Either way, I'll need to experiment. And for that, I need the clock.

Article on color changing lightbulbs assisting sleep

NASA ISS color test

Mar 08

First Real Post

Hello Blog,

So, I went to an inspiring information session today. What I got from it was that I needed to become the expert in the field that I want to work in and am passionate about. So here I am, documenting my dive into the world of electronics, open source, DIY, education, entrepreneurship, business, etc. I will be documenting what I learn, what I know, and what's going on in the world around me that I'm interested in. Hopefully, this will be a place for me to share what I do and what inspires me.

So that's what I'll do.