Aug 13

Key Qualities for a school Makerspace and Bareduino

I came across and article on Make about the key qualities that are needed in a makerspace for kids in school. The main point of the article was that people need a few things to make. First, they need the basic skills of what tool to use and how to use it. Then they need to problem solve, to determine the reason that the thing they are making isn't working. Finally, they need the confidence to try something new. To learn something as they go. That confidence is what I want to impart on people. I want to empower them, to make them realize that they can build something complex, like laser tag. To be able to feel like they can do it and that it is within their reach to understand, to build, to create. The original article is here.

In other news, Niek Blankers at NiekProductions posted schematics for a bareduino, an arduino compatible based off of the ATiny45/85 that uses a small circuit board and minimal support components. It may be something that i could use if I wanted to have a separate controller that looked for tags, say on someone's head. His post is here.