May 04

Laser Tag Update 5/3/15

My deliverables from last month were to:
1. Build a receiver unit. (IR receivers with indicator LED)
2. Adjust code for first game played

1. I arranged IR receivers in a circle,and they all read. I soldered them onto a spare piece of board and built two. After the fact, I decided to add an additional LED onto the receivers so that you would have LED indication on the lens tube when you are tagged or when you send a tag.
2. I changed how my LED's (for indication, not for tagging) turn on and off. I wrote a function that handles all of the indication LED's. With some modification, I could have it run RGB LED's and change their colors without using the built in PWM. The color may change a little bit when you send or receive a tag, but other than that, it should be able to control them pretty easily (during the time that you send or receive a tag, you would not be turning the LED on or off, so the color may be a little different.)

Note: I could change my code that sends and receives tags to send/receive a pulse and then go back into the main loop until I need to send/receive a pulse again. I'm not sure that I'll need to do this, but it is a possibility if I want to run through my main loop faster (and not have to wait for a tag send/receive to complete before going through the main loop).

At this point, I have two tag units, they both are running the current code, and I am ready to actually test playing laser tag. During that test, I should figure out what I should add to make the game play better. I have some other items that I would like to add, and in no particular order, here are some of them:

To add Later:
1. Telegraphing
2. Health bars
3. Shields
4. Bases

Based on trying to make a game type similar to Star Wars Battlefront, I should make spawn bases next. I can work on telegraphing and shields after I have places to respawn from. I can add allowing players to capture spawn points later. (I could add a certain number of respawns for a game type). So, here are my next steps:

Do Next:
1. Test the game with the current tag units: get feedback on what I should add to the devices
2. Begin work on spawn bases (unless telegraphing, health, shields, etc. comes back as something people want more)