Laser Tag Notes

Here is a list of notes on stuff that I want to work on.

Big List of Do Later's

I have put that post here, and added more thoughts:

So, I am following one method of project management for this project. There are two types of tasks:
1. Do now
2. Do later

There are a lot of things that I want to do, but I can't do them all. So, of all the things I want to build, each week or two, I pick a few manageable tasks that I can accomplish in the next week or to and try to accomplish them. Those are do now. Everything else is do later. I don't have to worry about that. I'll do it later. This is a list of all the things I want to do, in not really any order. I may try to order it later.

Generally, I should think about counter play and adding incomparable abilities to this game.

1. Shields (Inspiration, Halo)
Adding this mechanic will change gameplay. It will allow people to get tagged and then hide (unless you fire fast enough). This will change gameplay by making it harder to tag people and get them out if they are behind cover. That may encourage maneuvering.

2. Respawn base (Inspiration: Zombie mods, multiplayer games, capture the flag, etc.)
This will help with tracking tags, number of respawns, capturing areas, etc.
You can add temporary invulnerability to discourage spawn camping.

2.5 - Telegraphing (Inspiration: Dark Souls, Dota 2)
I need to be able to communicate between players in a simple, understandable way what state each one is in. Things like, health, shields, armor, team, stunned, any power ups, etc. This may take the form of LED's, EL wire, LED's in some sort of fiberoptic tube, etc.
Note: Adding RGB's is a good way to telegraph to other players. Adding an LCD may work for giving the player more information. You may need I2C connections to add all of the LED's, LCD, etc. that you want.

3. Classes (inspiration: Team fortress 2, star wars: battlefront 2, Zombie mod)
1. Standard
2. Sniper
3. Shotty
4. Medic
5. Spy/Ninja
6. Heavy
TF2 Game type: You can spawn as any unit from the beginning. You can only change when respawning.
Star Wars Battlefront Game type:
You all spawn as one of the standard classes in the beginning
You can respawn as a hihger leveled player based on tags (would require respawn points to talk for counting tags)
Playing the same character and getting tags unlocks perks (ex: burst fire for standard gun, like in star wars)
Zombie mod:
Same respawning principles as Star Wars Game type, but with asymetric teams (Humans vs Zombies)
No human respawns
Only zombie base

3.5 - Training Missions (Most games, Star Wars Force Unleashed, Dota 2, etc.)
I need a way to introduce players to game play mechanics that is intuitive and teaches them without teaching. I may need to have a series of games that you play, each game unlocking another character to add to the mix or something so that people don't just jump into a game with a lot of different characters and abilities and get too confused.

4. Runes (Inspiration: Dota2)
Adding rune spawns will encourage people to meet at specific areas during designated times and encourage team fights.
1. Invisibility - no lights, purple
2. Invulnerability - white
3. Extended magazine (requires magazines)
4. Rapid fire
5. Regeneration?
6. Double damage
7. Experience (this could level you up. Giving better stats, upgrades, spawn types, etc.)
8. Overshields

5. Active Reloading (Inspiration: Gears of War)
This would make reloading a little more fun to master. It could also help control fire rates for different classes of tag units
You could use an LED bar for this, along with a shift register.

6. Sounds (Castle Crashers, 8 bit games)

7. Abilities (Dota 2, Borderlands, Left 4 Dead)
Corrosive attacks
Electric attacks
Fire attacks
Disarms? (Zombie mod: smoker has a disarm?)
Zombie mod - corrosive attack on death? (Boomer in L4D)

8. Items (Halo, Gears of War (Horde Mode items), Dota 2)
Auto Turret
Mech suit
Manned Turrets

9. Zombie Mode (L4D)
There are a lot of technical issues I will have to overcome before I get to this, but I can add elements of other things to it. Aim for the head.
Note: I can have the zombies wear a glove. Pressure sensor on glove (for zombies to say, "I'm tagging someone"), metal on palm to connect a "switch" on human players (for human players to say, "I'm getting tagged"). I'd need receivers and emitters on people's heads so that the tag units could communicate with each other, but after some sort of acknowledge/return, I can communicate when a living zombie tags a person.
Note: You could use 58 kHz receivers to differentiate between tag types. That may not be necessary, but it is an option.
Smoker (with disarm?)
Spawner (which grants level up to the person who tags it)
Boomer (on death, 'tags' with caustic goo, has an ability to tag everyone around him/her who is below certain health? [or meets some other criteria, like has no shields or something. Think counter play...])
Stealth Zombie

10. Easter Eggs (The Legend of Zelda, Halo)
I can add hidden things that unlock extra skills or abilities. Or extra content. Don't really know how I will encode these yet, but // will probably help. (can you get piezo input?)

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